Michael is an award winning photographer based out of southeastern Pennsylvania.  Specializing in Corporate and portrait photography Michael likes to catch the quirky moments, those times when the prim and proper get goofy.  Portraying a serious image of a serious person is easy.  Getting that same person to let their guard down and give you that look is the trick.  Do that and then you know the smile is real, the image is real and it has a life of its own.

As well as being able to get people to smile and have fun, Michael can get the image that moves you.  His award winning work of the Philadelphia area and its people has been said to give the viewer the “feel of the city.”  Many Philadelphians living away from their native city of brotherly love look at his images and begin to miss all that is Philadelphia.

To view Michael’s professional work you can see that at www.michaelalbany.com. And you can see some of Michael’s special projects at www.magickmichael.com. You can order prints there too! If you see something here that you would like or you have a project that he can help you with, you can contact Michael directly from the Contact Michael page.